Student Sabha

“I love to learn by doing. If the curriculum had lots of activity-based learning, it would be easier and fun,” said Swapna, when asked how she enjoyed learning most at the Student Sabha. 

We at Mantra were taking the best efforts to ensure our stakeholders are engaged through Virtual Calls and webinars during these, why leave students behind? Hence Student Sabha – a Virtual gathering for the students.

June 2020

Ms. Kavitha, Cluster Resource Person, Chandapura Education Cluster, and Mr. Ramesh, Head Teacher, Government Higher Primary School, Heelalige, Chandapura Educational Cluster, also joined in the call to encourage the students. The students were as excited as Team Mantra members to arrange and facilitate the first of its kind – Student Sabha. 

As the call started, all the students, curious about how the call would progress, the energizer brought everyone together and into the mood to know more and do more and to effectively use the time we have. 

Once the activities were done with, the students with all the excitement and hope requested for many such calls and activities as they loved the way it went. 

“ I want these types of activities and sessions every week if possible, it also motivates me to be innovative and responsible for my studies and self-development,” said Sagar, a grade 6 student, Government Higher Primary School, Old Chandapura, when asked about how he felt about the sessions. 

At Mantra4Change, we work towards enabling under-resourced schools to deliver quality education by providing them an enriched learning experience. These kinds of responses from the students motivate us to move ahead towards our goal.

July 2020

In July 2020, various sessions focusing on student development were facilitated. We have been seeing a noticeable increase in the number of students attending the Student Sabha.

Art as a mode of Therapy

Through integrative methods, art therapy engages the mind, body, and spirit in ways that are distinct from verbal articulation alone. Kinesthetic, sensory, perceptual, and symbolic opportunities invite alternative modes of receptive and expressive communication, which can circumvent the limitations of language. Visual and symbolic expression gives voice to experience and empowers individual, communal, and societal transformation.

It was amazing to see how Students expressed their creative sides by drawing landscapes.

Design thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.

Students tried to solve problems of a Veeresh a construction worker (Fictitious Character) and came up with innovative ideas that the problem can be solved.

-Contributed by Team PACE, Mantra4Change

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