Shikshana Samvada

Mantra4Change believes that enabling our stakeholders to drive change is the only way to see the system’s transformation. There have been several capacity building sessions in the past, but it was essential to help our stakeholders as they were going through these tough times. Hence – Shikshana Samvada.

Shikshana Samvada Webinar Series is an initiative of The Block Education Office, Anekal Education Block, in association with Mantra4Change.

The webinar series aimed to make effective utilization of our stakeholders’ time and encourage them to engage students during the lockdown days.

The first of which started with Mr. Ramamurthy explaining the importance of being updated about the schemes and circulars that the Government is announcing concerning education. Mr. Ramamurthy is the Block Education Officer(BEO), Anekal Education Block.

The teachers reached out to the BEO, asking many queries and doubts regarding various tech-related developments that the Education Department had introduced.

“At these times as the world is facing a pandemic, we as educators should take a step ahead to ensure that the students have an awareness of what’s happening in and around the world and ways to stay safe and at the same time not fall back in their academics. Thus, teachers play a great role in ensuring learning of a student never stops even during these times by keeping them engaged in some or other activities related to their development”, said Mr. Rammurty while focusing on the relevance of the role of teachers in childrens’ education during times like these.

Also, Mr. Shankar Murthy added that parents are equally responsible for their children’s education and safety during these times. He suggested that teachers have awareness check-in calls with parents whenever necessary and feasible for the teachers. Mr. Shankar Murthy is the Block Resource Coordinator, Anekal Education Block.

Safety precautions are essential to be followed at all times, and when schools reopen – it would be even more critical for schools to monitor the safety of students and teachers at the school. To create an awareness and suggest how the situation could be dealt with, we had Mr. Nagasimha Rao speak about our role in the protection of children’s rights during these current circumstances caused by the pandemic. Mr. Nagasimha G Rao is a Child Rights Specialist and the Director of Child Right Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka.

“When our children are back to schools, it would be difficult for the teachers to grab their attention as there has been a great gap in being in a classroom. The teachers need to understand the students and deal with them with the utmost patience and tenacity. As teachers, you have done a great job in producing socially responsible and successful individuals these years. Now it is the time for you to take an extra step towards ensuring students’ safety and learning.” said Mr. Nagasimha as he addressed a question from a teacher attending the webinar. 

Mr. Shankar Murthy was impressed with how the episodes took place, having the average attendance of around 600 teachers (including Cluster Resource Person(s) for both episodes. He and Mr. Ramamurthy thanked Mantra for creating such an opportunity and promised that he would arrange for Resource Persons to conduct similar webinars in the future. 

July 2020

We have able to conduct 6 webinars in the past few months. Mr. Shankar Murthy, as promised has been providing us with resource person to facilitate sessions for the teachers/Head teachers and the Cluster Resource Person(s).

These webinars were conducted on trainings and awareness programs on various initiatives taken up by the Education Department.

We hope to be facilitating many such webinars in the future, stay tuned. Until then, please watch complete episodes here

-Contributed by Team PACE, Mantra4Change

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