Teaching and Learning in Times of a Pandemic

How productive have you been these days of lockdown? 

While the entire world under lockdown is trying to find some semblance of structure amidst a forced work-from-home lifestyle, we really ought to learn from our children about productivity. With schools shut down as the pandemic looms large over us, children and teachers across our schools are finding new ways to keep themselves occupied and we couldn’t be more in love with what they’re doing! 

Preetham, a grade 7 student of Government Higher Primary School, Ramasagara, has been painting old buckets and bottles to make pot planters for his mother’s garden. “The School was closed and I tried studying for a bit, but I wanted to do something interesting to kill the boredom of being indoors, and decided to make projects from waste.” he shared over a phone call. “Some of my classmates also did similar projects after our teacher shared my pictures. I was excited to see the projects they made, and we’ve been encouraging each other to do new things while the school is closed,” he added. 

It is not only students, but even teachers are working on projects, mainly aimed at sharing learning resources with their students. Mr. Ramesh, a headteacher at one of our public schools, has been making various art projects with simple materials available at home. “I made this model crocodile using a bitter gourd and plan on using such readily available materials to help continue learning for my students. I also understand it must be difficult for the parents to engage their children for so many hours; these models could help them as well.” 

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been receiving many updates from teachers and students on different projects, and it brings us great joy to see our stakeholders making the best of their time. 

Share your stories of productivity with us, and let’s inspire one another. 

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