Joining Hands in the Times of Need

In our darkest times, communities are often the source of our greatest strength. As the world battles this unprecedented pandemic, families in the Dommasandra cluster are struggling to manage supplies and survive. They are mostly daily wage workers and migrant populations who do not have access to government ration schemes. 

Mr. Umesh Babu, President of the Gram Panchayat (Local Government), well aware of the devastating situation these families are in, is in support of them. His sentiments were echoed by members of the School Development and Management Committee, who suggested they reach out to Team Mantra. 

Team Mantra, on the other hand, was working closely with Wells Fargo to coordinate relief efforts for families in our clusters. It was during these discussions that Mr. Manjunath and Mr.Srinivas reached out to the team seeking support for the families as well as providing supplies at the Primary Health Center. 

The team jumped to action, and with the support of Wells Fargo and the SDMC members, lists were collated, and essentials were bagged. The SDMC members and local officials took the responsibility of ensuring the supplies reach each family that needs it. 

As we reel in the instability of these times, stories of such collaboration ignite hope in each one of us. And for us at Mantra4Change, it reassures that sustainability is  possible, when our communities are empowered to thrive, no matter the circumstances. 

– Contributed by Maruti, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team Mantra

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