The Parent Teacher Collab

Collaboration plays a vital role when it comes to improving schools in the vicinity. The partnership between teachers, School Development and Monitoring Committee(SDMC) and parents is essential for the development of schools and also effective learning of students. In this process, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) play a vital role. 

Post the cluster level SDMC workshop conducted last month, SDMC president Ms. Shabana and vice-president Mr. Shek Nabi took the initiative and arranged for a PTM. They planned the PTM with the HM and the teachers of the Government Higher Primary Urdu School, Shikaripalya in the Hennagara Educational cluster.

The parents were invited through phone calls and circulars. Around 38 parents attended the PTM this time, and there was an increase in the attendance of parents at the PTM as only 23 parents had participated last time. The increase in the parents’ attendance was due to the active involvement of  SDMC. 

In this meeting teachers, SDMC and parents discussed children’s learning process, school compound repair(as there was an issue of miscreants vandalizing the school premises post working hours), providing ID cards for students, cleaning of school premises. This was the first of many PTMs that was solely taken up by the SDMC.

“Seeing SDMC take ownership to call for PTMs and also reach out to parents to attend the meeting without fail, makes us very happy. We hope SDMC works the same way to improve our school,” said Ms. Razia, a teacher at the school. 

After the PTM, the SDMC vice-president, Mr.Shek Nabi took the initiative and approached donors for ID cards, and now all students have ID cards. They also met the Taluk panchayat president Mr. Rizwan for the repair of the school compound and cleaning of school premises.

At Mantra, we believe in the power of community and thus work towards strengthening the SDMC in schools across our clusters.

– Contributed by Channakeshava, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team Mantra

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