Catering to the Needs of the Migrant Communities

In difficult times like these when the world is fighting against a pandemic, migrant communities are affected the most. Mantra4Change in association with Suriya Foundation and Indian Red Cross Society came together a few weeks ago to ensure that the families living in our Chandapura cluster are provided with the essentials to survive. 

Team Mantra reached out to the members of the local government and the police for taking this forward. Ms. Manjula, the Councillor of Chandapura, was elated and welcomed the effort and supported this in every way possible. She accompanied the members from Mantra, Suriya Foundation, and Red Cross Society while they provided essentials to the 50 migrant families. 

A challenge we witnessed in this process was with many families who did not fall under the Public Distribution System (PDS), as result of which they were unable and ineligible to  procure the essentials provided by the government. The team on-ground ensured that such families wouldn’t face a shortage of food during this pandemic by delivering essentials to their doorsteps. 

“It feels great to see young individuals and organizations coming forward to help the needy during this pandemic. I have known Team Mantra and their work in improving schools in Chandapura for two years now. And now, seeing them work towards the betterment of the community when in need is surely making me proud to be associated with them.”, said Ms. Manjula, Councillor, Chandapura.

The team of NGOs associated is not only working to provide essentials in Chandapura but to every possible location that they encounter needs help. Now is the time that the community is in need, and we must ensure our efforts are directed towards supporting them.

– Contributed by Team MANTRA

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