A PTM Exemplary

Realizing the importance of parental involvement in the improvement of public schools, regularising Parent-Teacher Meets was one of the many ways to ensure parents are aware of the happenings in the school and also the performance of their children. 

At Government Higher Primary School, Heelalige, Chandapura, it was the Parent-Teacher Meeting organized by the school. Mr. Ramesh, the headteacher of the school, after discussion with the teachers, set the agenda for the Meet. 

On the day of the meeting, as parents arrived, the meeting started by one of the assistant teachers welcoming them all with a smile. He briefed the agenda of the meeting. Mr. Ramesh took the opportunity to display a new set of uniforms provided by the government. He took opinions from parents and SDMC about uniform related logistics. He spoke about the upcoming public examination for the Grade 7 students. Parents enquired syllabus and exam centre related doubts. Then class teachers spoke about overall academic progress in the school. Few parents asked questions about homework related issues, remedial classes, etc. 

We also had one of our partners, Involve Learning Solutions Foundation, who focus on peer learning explain their program and its significance. Few students who were a part of the program as student leaders and peer learners shared their experiences with the parents. Parents were happy to see their kids taking ownership of not only their learning but also of their peers’. 

“Both my kids are studying here. They are doing really well at studies. HM Ramesh sir is working hard day and night to improve the school; hence we can see the improvement. We are lucky to have good teachers here.” said Sudhakar, a parent in the gathering.

The most exciting part of the day was the school walkthrough that was planned by Mr. Ramesh, the headteacher. The school was being altered, and new learning aids were coming into the schools. The HM, with the help of other teachers, explained every aspect of the school. Parents observed the toilet facility and it is clean and maintained well. They also saw the science theme corner in the school ground. It was a nostalgic experience for the parents as they remembered what they planted near the school ground on the occasion of Environment day last year. Now those plants have become trees. 

They were very pleased about the new theatre space and water purifier. HM took them to the library and science lab as well. Their few parents themselves started engaging in glancing at a few books, drawing materials, and puzzle games. They were thrilled looking at wall paintings and learning aids.

“ It is great to see the HM and teachers of the school have been continuously working towards improving the infrastructure of the school and making it student-friendly and a conducive environment for the students to learn, but can we also do something towards improving English learning skills in our students? ”, asked Manohar, another parent at the gathering.

“ Sir, firstly thank you so much for attending this meeting and appreciating our work towards improving the school infrastructure, with respect to the improving the English learning skills in students, we are taking the efforts to find the resources for the same.”, said Mr. Shivkumar, an assistant teacher at the Government Higher Primary School, Heelalige. 

To conclude with the meeting, parents thanked the HM and the teachers for making the meeting so vibrant and exciting. They acknowledged the HM for taking much effort in improving school, especially in physical resources. Parents gave feedback that these kinds of meetings will make them feel happy and proud that they know how the teachers and the HM are working towards providing quality education to their children. In turn, the HM also thanked all the 58 parents for coming by and spending their valuable time. 

We, at Mantra, are immensely happy to see that the strength of the parents at PTMs have been increasing and hope this continues in the future as well.

Contributed by Narayan, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team MANTRA

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