Making Learning Science Fun!

Since last year, the Cluster Transformation Leads(CTLs) here at Mantra have been conducting Maker’s Lab sessions for the students from schools across our clusters. There has been a noticeable change after the introduction of Maker’s Lab activities – the hands-on learning experience for the students.

Teachers have always been intrigued by the models that these students make in these sessions, but never got a chance to do it in their classes as they had syllabus to be completed. 

Ms. Tabassum Ara, a teacher at the Government Higher Primary School, Shikaripalya, in the Hennagara Educational Cluster, was curious about the models that were made at the sessions conducted at the school by the CTLs and sometimes would attend the sessions conducted.

An idea struck her while attending one of the sessions, she thought she could finish her syllabus soon and could take time during the revision classes to conduct the Makers Lab sessions, and she did so. She completed her lessons well before time and now has started conducting these sessions for her students.

During the revisions of chapter Magnetism, she took the session where she taught the students the model of Magnetic Pencil. The students developed the model simultaneously with the teacher as she instructed while she was making it. Post the activity-based learning, there was a debrief session. The teacher took the example of the model they had developed to explain the concept in-depth and in detail. 

She ensured that the session is used productively by every student in her class and also group them to enhance the essence of teamwork and peer learning. 

“It is wonderful to see students grabbing concepts so quickly using the models, that they develop using the materials provided to them. This is the best example of how hands-on learning is the best way to delve deeper into any concept. “ said Ms. Tabassum Ara, when asked about how she feels about the Makers Lab activities that are introduced. 

We are glad to see teachers taking a step ahead to provide students with enriching learning experiences in the classrooms. 

Contributed by Radha, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team MANTRA

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