A Parent-Teacher Meet with a Difference

The teachers of Government Lower Primary School, Sultanpalya in the Sarjapura Education Cluster with the Head Teacher of the school, sat together to discuss the various ways to make Parent-Teacher Meetings(PTMs) interactive and engaging after recognizing the gradual dip in the strength of the parents at the consecutive PTMs. The teachers thought it would be great to take the issue to the SDMC members and arranged for a meeting.

During the SDMC meeting, the teachers put out the problems that the teachers were facing in the school, for which one of the members responded “ What about having a showcase of Teaching-Learning Materials(TLMs) in the school, this would not only interest of the parents to attend the meeting but would also help in increasing the enrolment of the students into this school. 

The idea was wonderful, and teachers straight away started working towards making the PTMs such imagined. The teachers collated the TLMs and made sure every TLM used in the classrooms was ready for display. 

At the PTM, which had around 32 parents, the regular school and students’ updates were done, post which, the parents were taken to have a gallery walk of the TLMs presented. Each teacher diligently explained the usage of the TLMs as the parents walked by. 

“ It was an enjoyable first-time experience where we got to see the various materials used by the teachers and students in the classrooms so as to understand the subjects better, this way it not only projects that teachers are taking a step to provide quality education to the students but also interests the parents to know more about what is happening in the school. “, said Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi, a parent present at the gathering. 

At Mantra, we have witnessed the importance of parental involvement in the improvement of schools and are working towards enabling teachers to regularise PTMs. Seeing teachers take the effort to make sure this change sustains as a practice, gives us immense pleasure.  

Contributed by Ravi L, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team Mantra

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