Local Government Takes Charge

At Mantra, we believe the community as a unit has great strength to take forward any movement, and when it comes to improving the government schools in their vicinity, they leave no stone unturned. Here is one such story from one of the schools from the Dommasandra Educational Cluster.

Government Lower Primary School(GLPS), Yamre in Dommasandra had an adequate number of students, but due to the lack of infrastructure maintenance, the students were shifting to private schools in the nearby area. This situation troubled the Headteacher and the teachers of GLPS, Yamare. 

“The students of our schools are shifting to the private schools nearby because of the infrastructure, if this continues, we might have to come to a stage where we might have to shut down the school, could the SDMC help us in solving this issue?”, asked Ms. Geetha, a teacher at the GLPS, Yamare at the School Development and Monitoring Committee(SDMC) meeting that was called regarding this issue. 

“ Why can’t we reach out to the Gram Panchayat(GP) regarding this issue and ask if they could help us with this?”, suggested Mr. Arun, an SDMC member.

It triggered the idea of reaching out to the local government with the SDMC members and the parents of the students studying the school. The discussion continued regarding the plan of approaching the GP members, the preparations for the meeting, letters to be submitted much more.

The Head Teacher, with the teachers, SDMC members, and a few parents visited the office of the Gram Panchayat and requested help by explaining their situation. After listening to all the problems faced by the school, the Gram Panchayat agreed to rebuild the building for the school. The Gram Panchayat also arranged a rented facility for the school to run classes for two years for which the rent was covered by the GP as well. 

The Gram Panchayat spent around Rs. 30 lakh for the demolition and rebuilding of the school. And now, the school has a newly built infrastructure which is now interesting to a lot of people to get their children admitted to that school. The inaugural function of the renovated school was a great event that was attended by the influential people of the locality, the Cluster Resource Person(CRP), Dommasandra Educational Cluster, the Block Education Officer(BEO), Anekal Education Block, around 10 Taluk Panchayat members, 15 SDMC members, 12 GP members, the headteacher, teachers and the students of the school.

We are happy to see the community, such as the SDMC and the local government coming forward to help schools provide the best education for the students.

Contributed by Maruti, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team Mantra

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