Creating Green Spaces in Schools

The school now looks like a place that is nature-friendly which will also encourage students to study better in such a conducive environment.”, said Mr. Ashok, a parent who came to drop off his son to the school to a teacher at the entrance of the school.

A month ago, the Department conducted a workshop on setting up greener spaces in the surrounding of the school. Mr. Shivkumar, the Head Teacher of the Government Higher Primary School, Old Chandapura, was one of many who attended the workshop.

Coming back to school, Mr Shivkumar, started working towards gathering as many saplings that could be planted as he could using the budget allocated by the Department. He planted them with the help of a few students from the school. 

After planting those saplings, he saw that it wasn’t enough so decided to invest a little more money from his pocket to get more saplings and have them planted. He made sure the plants received manure and nutrients and also waters them regularly by himself. 

“I feel having a greener environment in and around school not only helps generate fresh air for the students at the school but could also be used to educate them about various plants that are planted in the space. “ said Mr. Shivkumar, when asked about how he feels to have set up such a space in the school. 

When we see our stakeholders take ownership of creating a conducive environment also ensuring they maintain it gives us immense happiness that the transformation would be a sustainable part of the school’s journey ahead.

Contributed by Tammanna, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team Mantra

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