Team Mantra visits Madras Dyslexia Association

A few months, Team Mantra invited the Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) to participate in our School Leadership Forum at IIM, Bangalore. The team from MDA  conducted one of the most memorable and valuable sessions for our school leaders who indeed left inspired by the insights. 

Last week, members of Team Mantras program who work in affordable private schools visited MDA in Chennai to understand their work better and possibly, look into ways in which we can support our schools as well. 

Day 1 of the visit began with an interaction with Ms. Lata and Ms. Harini, who head the training at MDA. They helped the team understand how the organization functions and their reach. The introductions were followed by a visit to Ananya Research and Learning Center, a school managed by Madras Dyslexia Association. The school supports 25 students between the age group of 7-13. They are grouped based on their capacity to learn and not based on their age. 

At the centre, Team Mantra got a glimpse at how the students engage in Hindi, Maths and English classes. They also got to attend an occupational therapy session and a dance movement class. The team learnt that the teachers at the centre are trained for six weeks, which is followed by a two-month internship and based on their performance, are eventually absorbed into the school. 

“It was beautiful to see how that with agile use of resources, body movements, colours and different strategies, different nerves in the body are stimulated and leads to more effective learning.” shared Pranashree, School Transformation Lead at Mantra4Change. 

The next day, the team visited Sri Sankara Vidya Kendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School, where they attended a training for 30 primary teachers on multiple intelligence models conducted by Ms. Kalpana. The insightful session was followed up by a visit to the resource room set up by MDA at Smt. Narbada Devi J. Agarwal Vivekananda School. Team Mantra had the opportunity to interact with the teachers in charge of the room and understand how it functions. Moreover, the team even observed a class at the school.

The day two interaction of Mantra4Change and MDA came to a culmination with a discussion in the principal’s office. Team Mantra was able to understand the background of parents, how the school’s widened leadership team operates, the school’s belief systems and potential opportunities to collaborate in the future. 

We, at Mantra, would like to extend our gratitude to Madras Dyslexia Association for providing us with the opportunity to explore how we can support our schools better. We also applaud the fantastic work the organization is doing towards ensuring quality education for all children. 

Contributed by Sohinee, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change 

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