Diary of a School Transformation Lead #1

Every event at Mantra4Change starts with an energizer or icebreaker, carefully planned to kickstart the day with some energy. For the last three School Leadership Forums (SLF), I hosted the energizer sessions and have always loved that I could. 

Over the last couple of quarters, I have noticed how the participation of school leaders (SLs) is slowly increasing during these sessions. When we hosted the first SLF in June 2019, I realized many school leaders were rigid and were unable to let loose during the activities. It was essential to show them the value of being a kid again, and so we continued to encourage them with more such activities across the SLFs. 

The process of seeing these school leaders letting their hair down and forgetting about their roles at school has been so enjoyable. We even hosted some games during the forums and seeing their competitive spirit has always been energizing for me. 

As a School Transformation Lead, I usually interact with a different side of an SL, and in these spaces, they can let go a little and have some fun. It’s so lovely to see them interacting with other leaders and laughing with each other. The enthusiasm is reassuring to us and encourages us to improve our efforts within the space and make it even more enjoyable. 

One of the highlights of the past year has been planning for these sessions. Most often,  it proves to be a challenge to come up with different activities, but it’s all worth it when I see the smiles and laughter at the end of every energizer. 

Contributed by Ann Jose, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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