“My Experience as a Mentor”, Recounts a Teacher

Pooja Ma’am has been an English and Social Studies teacher at New Indian Public School for the last six years. She completed her undergraduate degree  in Computer Applications and went on to pursue her Bachelors in Education (B.Ed). She has experience in ‘soft skills development,’ having conducted classes for students for almost a year. She loves to dance and cook in her free time. 

Mentoring was a fantastic way for me to be part of the International Geography Youth Summit. I saw it as a dual experience since I’m also a Grade 7 Social Science Teacher. As part of the process, I was able to help in the planning, development, and presentation of the student’s work. My role as a mentor involved helping the students find multiple resources, conduct the research, organise their ideas, and find innovative ways to present their findings to the school community.

After attending the IGYS event earlier last year, I met up with the students every week. The first couple of meetings, we discussed multiple topics and decided on a timeline. The students also used the time bounce questions and set agendas for the upcoming sessions. The experience was extremely new for me, but I was amazed to see how the students could open their minds so much. 

Every meeting after included an update on their progress, reflection on the goals we set, self-reflection on the approaches to learning skills, and any questions/concerns/ideas they wanted to discuss. These weekly meetings were constructive for us and set a structure for us to get things going.

The mentoring experience was great for me as a teacher as I learned so many new things and am grateful to the management for trusting me with this opportunity to guide our students. 

I felt happy to be a research mentor to my students because we had a great time throughout, and I could explore my ideas and thoughts through their project.

Contributed by Ms. Pooja, Teacher, New Indian Public School

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