A Step Towards Digitizing Learning!

“Sir, sir, look at my list of words! I learnt them from the tab, sir!,” shouted an excited Vanitha, as one of Team Mantra’s Cluster Transformation Leads (CTLs) entered her classroom at Government Higher Primary School (GHPS), Old Chandapura. 

Vanitha is one of many students who engage with Team Mantra through our ‘Digital Tab Classes’ in our cluster schools. Through our work in public schools, we recognized the importance of ‘digital literacy.’ We initiated classes to help young students to be able to use technology effectively towards building their knowledge.

Over the last year, CTLs have been interacting with students through an after-school program aimed mainly at improving necessary English skills. In addition to this, the program also intends to involve parents in participating in their child’s learning, using technology. 

In February 2019, the digital learning program was launched in the Chandapura Cluster. Students and parents from the schools were invited to an orientation program where they were introduced to the concept of digital learning. The students were excited and parents enthusiastic. They made sure students attended the subsequent sessions, which happen twice a week in schools across the cluster.

Over the last year, there has been a significant change in the way students are reading and writing English. The interactive nature of the ‘Tab Classes’ has changed learning in our cluster schools.  Students like Vanita are creating more learning resources with the help of digital lessons and sharing them with their peers.

We are hoping that soon, teachers and parents can facilitate the tab sessions, making it a more sustainable structure for enabling quality education in our public schools.

Contributed by Team PACE, MANTRA

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