Yuva Ranga Shibira

Young men like Jayanth have been spending a lot of time at the Youth Resource Center in the Hennagara Educational Cluster. Jayanth graduated from school a couple of years ago but continues to return to the center, “I want to spread awareness about issues like water-pollution, and through the activities at the center, I have found my voice,” said Jayanth. 

Youngsters at Hennagara are actively participating in the activities of the Youth Resource Center (YRC), where Team Mantra is leveraging them to spread awareness about local issues in the community. 

So how are they doing this? 

After multiple discussions with the local youth, Team Mantra concluded that ‘theatre’ could be an effective way to communicate with the community and also engage the youth positively. To help Mantra4Change in this initiative, HaadiBaadi, a theatre company, was roped in. The partnership enabled the HaadiBaadi to train youngsters like Jayanth to perform various plays/skits on pertinent issues. 

The first series of workshops was inaugurated on 2nd February 2020 at the Hennagara YRC. The event saw a positive response from the community, with the local government even agreeing to help in whatever capacity required.  The Government Higher Primary School, Hennagara, also offered to provide two classrooms on Sundays to conduct the training sessions. 

Every Sunday for the next couple of months, youth from the YRC will be training under the guidance of instructors from HaadiBaadi with the support of the local government and school in an attempt to engage and empower their community, collectively. 

Contributed by Siddaraju, Youth Resource Centre, Team MANTRA

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