The picturesque city of Gaya is a place of historical and religious significance for Indians across the world. “Millions visit its many temples and religious hotspots all year around, hoping to find some peace and serenity, few come to give back” shared a DIET Principal at an event hosted by Mantra4Change in the city. 

On February 7th, Mantra4Change alongside i-Saksham, Karunodaya Foundation, and Shikshalokam hosted ‘Shiksha Samvad,’ a platform to showcase and engage in conversations for change. Over the last few months, these organizations have been envisioning a space to bring together like-minded individuals from across Bihar to imagine the possibility of a transformed education system in the state.  

With the objective of bringing different stakeholders together, from the multiple organizations already working in the state to school teachers at the public schools in Gaya, the event saw over 100 participants engage in dialogues of transformation. It began with an exploration of what Bihar can offer as a space for building collectives of organizations. Mantra4Change, I-Saksham, and Karunodaya Foundation were among the organizations that shared their journeys of working in education development in the country and how they built their respective organizations. Some of the other organizations that shared their stories included Project Potential, Change Station, Ek Pahel, Nalanda Charitable Trust, Mahila Samakhya, and Happy Horizon Trust, among others. 

Shiksha Samvad also brought multiple organizations and our mentors together for two-panel discussions. The panel discussions explored many pertinent issues ranging from human resources to funding while working in the education space as well as part of a collective. A highlight of these discussions was the participation of the school teachers and DIET Principals. They contributed to the conversations by offering their inputs on efforts taken by people within the system, which is often neglected, and instead, the focus is mostly on what is not working.  

“I envision this collective as a platform that is able to build mutual trust between the stakeholders and facilitates synergy of approaches and vision to deliver on our common purpose of ensuring quality education for every child in Bihar,” shared Shravan Kumar, co-founder, I-Saksham Education and Learning Foundation. Shiksha Samvad was a unique experience for many of the participants, some who had the opportunity to showcase their efforts and many who were able to expand their understanding of the landscape of education in the state. 

We, at Mantra4Change, are looking forward to a new chapter in our journey as we bring together more organizations to build a collective of change-makers across the country. 

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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