Realizing the Importance of Parental Involvement

The public school system in India understands the crucial role of parents in the holistic development of children. To help improve the involvement of parents in a child’s school life, the Education Department urged schools across the country to form School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMCs). This collective of parents are directly involved in the school and student development activities. Every year, the Department hosts SDMC Workshops to bring the committee together to discuss and plan for school improvement. 

During these workshops, parents assemble at the school for a day-long engagement where their roles and responsibilities as SDMC members are explained to them. In addition to this, they also discuss the multiple ways parents can engage with children at home to improve the quality of learning. 

For the last few years, Mantra4Change has actively been involved in co-planning and conducting sessions at the workshops across our cluster schools. As part of our PACE program in public schools, Team Mantra supported Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) in organizing a 6-day workshop in each of our clusters. 

SDMCs from three schools in each cluster were invited to the Cluster Resource Centers, where CRPs and Team Mantra engaged with them through multiple activities that helped refine their understanding of the functioning of such committees. This year, parent turnout was high, with over 40 parents attending each workshop from across the schools. 

At one of the workshops, Mr. Gavinrangaih, Block Resource Person, Anekal conducted a session on the significance of SDMCs in the improvement of public schools. The workshops culminated with parents expressing their enthusiasm to ensure schools are equipped with all kinds of facilities. They reflected upon how the workshops have helped them understand that a conducive school environment is crucial to providing quality education. The parents also vowed to come together monthly for SDMC meetings at their respective schools. 

One of Mantra’s key focus areas is improving community engagement in our public schools, and structures like the SDMC play an essential role in carrying it out. We are happy to see more parents coming together to ensure all children have an opportunity at a quality education.  

Contributed by Maruti Talawar, Cluster Transformation Lead, Team MANTRA

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