AN ‘EXCELLENT’ CHILDREN’S DAY : A photo essay of celebration

Dressed in their festive best, students at Excellent English School gathered in their classrooms on November 14th, geared to begin the Children’s Day celebrations. 

As the clock turned 11, the foyer was filled with the bright colors and smiles of over 300 children. 

Excited students received hand-made cards from their class teachers as they waited for the proceedings to begin. 

The teachers at Excellent English School had planned a wonderful set of events for the students. “From decorating the stage,  planning activities like a quiz and participating to do stand up comedy and sing, all the teachers participated in the function,” shared Ms Asma, who alongside Ms Mina anchored the celebrations. 

Much to students amusement, the teachers also competed against each other in a game of “Antakshari” with students singing along in the background. 

The icing on the cake was a giant cake that arrived at the end of the progamme. To make the day even more special, the teachers pooled in funds to order the cake for their lovely students. “I was so amazed by the size of the cake, I’d never seen anything like that” said a grade 7 student. 

At Excellent English School, Children’s Day was a memorable one, highlighted by smiles across the corridors. 

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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