Samudayadhatta Shaale

How often did your parents visit your school? Most of us had one parent attending parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) and occasional school celebrations. Now imagine a parent of a child at a government school, most of whom are daily-wage workers, living by the penny, can you see them skipping work to attend a PTM? 

The Education Department of Karnataka identified this problem. and introduced Samudaya Dhatta Shaale. It is a half-yearly event where the School Development and Monitoring Committee, parents and other volunteers from the community come together to work towards improving the quality of education in the government schools. 

Samudaya datta Shaale is a day designated to help teachers and parents to create the School Development plan. Recently, schools across our clusters hosted their own Samudayadatta Shaale supported by Team Mantra. Invitations were rolled out, and schools were decked up for the meeting. Some schools even planned games and activities for the attendees. 

At Government Lower Primary School, Sompura, parents assembled at 11 am, welcomed by singing students who inaugurated the day’s proceedings. Ms. Uma Jogad, the headteacher of the school, then went onto speak about the importance of parent involvement in the academic life of a student. She also emphasized the role of the community in improving the quality of education and the environment provided in a school. “Parents have equal responsibility for the student’s education as much as a teacher does,” said Ms. Uma Jogadh.

Ms. Kamalakshi, a teacher at the school, then explained the progress of the children, school and also thanked the SDMC, parents, and community for coming forward to improve the school. She also thanked Team Mantra doing what we do best: enabling under-resourced schools to deliver quality education. The proceedings ended with some activities and games, which helped strengthen the bond between parents and teachers. 

In  Kommasandra, at the Government Lower Primary School, School Development and Monitoring Committee, Angandwadi coordinator, members of the Gram Panchayat, and people from the neighborhood of the school attended the Samudaya datta Shaale. Ms. Usha Nagaraj, the only teacher at the school, presented about the activities done in the school in the last six months, which was followed by a discussion on student progress. It was encouraging to see that even at this single teacher school, activities were conducted for the parents. 

The teacher also undertook a lot of fun activities for parents as well. It was an eventful day for both the parents and the teacher. 

At Mantra4Change, we believe in the power of collaboration and its importance in our mission towards improving quality of education. Through spaces like Samudaya datta Shaale, we are inching closer to achieving what we set out to do, now, with the support of our stakeholders.

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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