Glimpses from Punjab

“This was very important to define what I do every day. My time won’t be spent doing other admin tasks now.” shared a District Mentor (DM) at a Workshop facilitated by our team in collaboration with the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB). On October 23rd and 24th, over 44 DMs from across the state attended day-long workshops at the education board’s office. The attendees were mainly English and Maths district mentors of the state. 

Who are district mentors? They are exceptional teachers who are appointed by the education board as academic leaders to guide other teachers in the district.

Why are we working with them? Through our continued work with the PSEB,  we recognized that lack of role clarity of the instructional leaders affects the quality of education in the schools. Many leaders spent their time in completing complicated and time-consuming processes rather than supporting teachers. The objective of the workshop was to help provide more clarity on their roles by describing how they can better support teachers. Moreover, it enabled them to understand the process of the daily visits structure and its value to their overall work. At the end of the day, they were also introduced to the ‘school visit form’ on the Darpan app to help them plan for support using data.  

Over the next few months, these mentors will implement inputs from the workshops and use the Darpan Application to document data for over 19,000 schools in Punjab. 

About the Program

Mantra4Change, along with Sanjhi Sikhiya, Samarthya, and ShikshaLokam has set up a Project Management Unit with the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), Punjab to drive and enable a state education transformation program. 

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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