Budding Scientists at Inqui-Lab

To make learning fun, it’s crucial to couple it with a hands-on approach. And when the subject is science, it’s only fair to let creativity take over. Mantra4Change collaborated with Inqui-Lab Foundation to foster the spirit of innovation among children in the Hennagara Educational Cluster, Anekal Block. 

The process involves students to identify a problem in their surroundings which they want to solve; next, they come up with ideas to solve the issue. To make sure their ideas work, they then come up with an innovative design and create a prototype. After testing this prototype and finding it successful, students create fully functional models of their solution. The Inqui-Lab team starts with a ‘comforting’ activity to make sure the students are in the ideal mind space to create their models. 

Through this activity, 60 children engaged in making small models out of newspapers. This not only readied them for the rest of the day’s activities, it instilled in them the importance of upcycling – making the best from waste. 

What’s next from our young scientists, you may ask? They are developing solar panels to power their innovations! We can’t wait to show you what they come up with! 

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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