Life in Sukma: Hidma ki Duniya

My name is Hidma Vetti and I study is 9th grade. Through this article, I want to tell you about my life. I live in Nayanar Badepara, a village in the district of Sukma, Chattisgarh. I live happily with my family of 7 people which includes my two sisters, one brother, my parents, and my uncle.

My mother does a lot of work, from farming to collecting wood in the forest to making food for all of us. My father sells Chhind juice and from that money gets food for us to eat. Every evening, we all wait for him to get us snacks and biscuits from the market. When he doesn’t go to the market to sell the juice, he drinks it and roams around with his friends. Once it starts the Chhind Juice season ends only after a month. 

My uncle also sells the same juice. He also likes to hunt birds. He can always be seen with a bow and an arrow. Whenever he sees an opportunity, he releases his poison induced arrow and kills the birds. My brother and I like to hunt too, so we either go hunting with our friends or with my uncle. Afterward, we divide our hunt equally and eat it.

Amongst my siblings, three of us are studying but one of my sisters is not. She had to leave her school midway as my parents wanted her to look after the livestock. 

My brother and I like to play cricket. Even though both of us are good at batting and bowling, I think I play better than my brother. There is only one cricket team in the village and both of us are a part of the team.

I would like to share my stories and experiences with you through my blog which I am beginning with this story. 

Find Hidma’s stories of life in Sukma here:

About Shiksharth

Shiksharth is addressing the issue of educational disparity and inequality in difficult regions of the Indian context. Currently, the organization is functional in the South Bastar region of Chhattisgarh state – a region which is the habitat of indigenous people of India and is suffering from nearly 3 decades-long armed conflicts. In 2019, Shiksharth joined the EduMentum’s Cohort ’20.  

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