Bringing passion into his vision: For quality education

In the growing metropolis of Bangalore, Magnifique is a breath of fresh air, a school encompassed by lush green bushes and trees. As you enter the grounds of Magnifique English School, the wind suddenly feels very different; it is clean and refreshing. 

U S Moinudeen, the founder and secretary of the school, is very passionate about the environment and has successfully incorporated it in the school. In 2002, Mr. Moinudeen became widely known across the country for his ‘One Tree by One Person‘ movement. 

A man wearing many hats, he is a renowned environmentalist, educationalist, author, and motivational speaker. A deeply committed man, he strives to bring change in the society by establishing schools and colleges under the banner of Magnifique Group of Institutions. 


His journey in education began in 2001 when he opened his first school in a quaint space in Minhaj Nagar, Bangalore. The idea behind starting the school in the area was to enable the community by providing access to secular and modern education. In 2003, Mr. Moinudeen went on to establish another institution – Magnifique Public School in Yelachenahalli. Currently, Magnifique English School, an English Medium School affiliated to the Karnataka State Board has nearly 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Mr. Moinudeen has a beautiful leadership team which supports his passion for education and works relentlessly for the improvement of the school. 

It is truly inspiring to witness the efforts taken up by school leaders like Mr. Moinudeen, who are giving their all towards the growth of education in India. Kudos to Mr. Moinudeen and his team! 

Contributed by Deepthi J., School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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