School Leader Superpower at Sharada Shri Public School

When was the last time you completed a task without asking for any assistance?  

Well, even cooking dal and rice requires someone to grow the crops and sell the goods, so if you think about it, nothing is done without some form of collaboration. At Sharada Shri Public School, the principal, Mr. Kesari Shamachar, stands by this value and believes that partnership is vital for success. 


Apart from their collaboration with Mantra4Change, the school has ties with over fifteen organizations to provide opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom. Mr. Kesari understands that a school can be a space for many organizations to come together to create a holistic community.


From partnering with Karadi Path and Vikalp to assist students with reading and maths to engaging Educait to teach communication skills, the school is always buzzing with activities for student growth. These collaborative efforts are not restricted to students at Sharada Shri alone. Students from neighboring schools participate as well, thus, creating a more extensive network. 

Sharada Shri is an incredible example to other affordable private schools, encouraging them to see themselves not as an isolated unit but part of a larger community of schools working together towards improving the quality of education in the city. 

Contributed by Siddharth Verghese Parambi, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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