Doing their bit for the environment

We take a lot from nature, so it is our duty to give back to it as well. Our children from the Government Higher Primary School, Sompura are not only learning this; they are practicing this every day! To do their bit for the environment, our children engaged with volunteers from Wells Fargo to make seed balls – single seeds wrapped in soil materials like clay and compost. These seed balls are then sowed across farms. 

SB #

Parents inspire their children in unimaginable ways and the children we work with come from homes where farming is a primary occupation. Fun to make, ecologically relevant, and building a sense of sensitivity among our children towards protecting the environment led to introducing them to the wonders of making seed balls! 

SB 2

This activity resulted in the making of nearly 4000 seed balls. The children, pumped with the excitement of this idea, set out to educate community members about the benefits of seed balls while distributing the ones they made to the community as well. 

SB 1

While we strive to instill 21st Century skills among children, sensitizing them to the most urgent needs of the world is imperative. Only then will our future citizens grow to become well-informed and contribute meaningfully to society. To sow seeds that would eventually grow into big trees and to think that they had a huge role to play in it gave our children a purposeful activity. 

By Maruti Talawar, Cluster Academic Lead, Mantra4Change 

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