A Story of Leadership and Ownership

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

“Would you like to facilitate the session?”, when this question was put forward to teachers of Rama Krishna School, ahead of their Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training, the response was more than overwhelming! Ms. Pooja, Ms. Kavya, and Ms. Ashajyoti were certain that it was indeed time for them to lead with example and were all set to create magic in the space. 

Tuesdays always end with our teachers exhausted from the handling classrooms, doing a lot of admin work and then making sure that each child reaches the buses on time. Despite the long day, they sat for three hours of planning sessions, gearing up for what was ahead on Sunday. They managed to write their long detailed plans and went through an execution rehearsal before the day of the session. 

And their hard work, commitment and ownership paid off. They led the sessions effortlessly and guided the teachers through an experience filled with joy and learning. Their peers were awestruck and inspired by the leadership shown, evident in the claps and spirited cheers that followed the session. Once the session was over, the super teachers were gleaming with excitement and happiness and had one question on their mind “When can we conduct another TPD?”. 

Contributed by Abhishek Negi, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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