Changing the World One Bag at a Time

said Bhoomika, a 9th grader at St. Mary’s High School when asked why she began the “Paper Bag Initiative” at her school. “I was passing by a school for differently-abled students and saw a young man making these beautiful paper bags. That got me thinking about how I too can make them,” and so she began her journey of creating awareness.

That day, Bhoomika returned home and logged onto the internet to do a little research. She discovered that July 12th, which was around the corner,  was “World Paper Day.” An excited Bhoomika spoke to her teacher, Sudha Ma’am, who shared her enthusiasm in building a conscious mindset among the students. Together, the duo planned to celebrate “Paper Bag Day” at St Mary’s. 

Bhoomika and Sudha Ma’am spoke to students and teachers alike, and on D-Day, they had students in almost every classroom spending time making ‘paper-bags.’ They realized that not only was it so easy to make them, but it builds awareness among the students about how this is an easy alternative to ‘plastic bags.’ 

A delighted Bhoomika also created awareness about the use of ‘paper bags’ at the school assembly. In August, Bhoomika along with a few friends conducted several sessions across grades to bring awareness about the ways in which each student can contribute in reducing the use of plastic, especially at school and at home. 

Young leaders like Bhoomika are creating positive change across the city through these micro innovations. She reminds us all to look beyond ourselves and take action in the simplest yet most effective ways. 

Kudos to Bhoomika and her ownership towards creating change that begins at home! 

Contributed by Team Communications, Mantra4Change

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