Gearing Up For New Adventures- ShikshaKalp Updates

July 2019 marks the end of Cohort Alpha’s first year of the fellowship. It has been amazing to see them grow and thrive on this journey. They are going to be great role models to the latest Cohort of ShikshaKalp fellows who will be joining in August 2019. As preparations for their arrival are underway, let us take a look at the activities Cohort Alpha have been engaging in this edition of ShikshaKalp Updates….

Setting the pace for new adventures

Fellows have been visiting the field (schools) every week to prototype their content, helping them understand the needs of the stakeholders. This process has helped them work towards making their content more relevant and user-friendly. At EkStep, the fellows are gearing up to conduct a set of experiments in the next couple of months, and have been on the field, doing the groundwork.

Mr.Shashi Nair engaged with the fellows through an informative session on ‘Principles of Educational Change,’ provoking interesting discussions among Cohort Alpha.

At EkStep, the fellows had the opportunity to do something new this month as they assisted the ‘Product and Solutions’ team. They worked upon new ways for stakeholders to contribute content for some of the CBSE projects, in the pipeline.

Creating access to all

The most exciting endeavor this month has been the Shikshalokam fellows creating process documents that enable others to understand the process of creating the amazing content they have been working on, these last couple months.
Want to learn how to create videos using PowerPoint Presentation? Here are six easy steps to know-how!

Trending Content

Learn about Minimum Safety Standards for Schools for schools recommended by the Delhi Government. Want to share this video, but your viewer does not understand English? Don’t worry! Our fellows have developed a Hindi video to help explain Minimum Safety Standards for Schools.

Explore the importance of Life Skills in Education through this poster.

Check out the latest episode of Masterji! Watch Episode 4 of Masterji, now in Hindi.

By Team, ShikshaKalp Fellowship, Mantra4Change

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