A Letter to a School Leader 

Dear School SuperHeroes,

Not all superheroes work with the Avengers, some work in schools. Day in and day out, we see you rushing to work and doing your job. I wonder when do you take time out for yourselves. Mostly you don’t, because you believe that your children need you the most! 

But how do we save the world unless we get some time for ourselves? I see you relentlessly working, and it’s time that we acknowledge your work. Let’s take some time to look at the warriors around us and look at each other in awe. Let me be your space to celebrate, let me be the clouds on which you sail around, let me be the staircase through which you reach your goals. Let me also be the map through which we find our way towards a better future for our children.


I see the magic in your classrooms. I see the warrior that you are and are meant to become. Can I help you spread that magic? Can we push each other to realize what we are meant to become? Can we be the team that defeats the evils that plague our children? 

There are going to be stormy days. Can I be your sunshine then? Can we walk along this path to make the school that you have envisioned?

You are the drivers of changing the school system; I am a mere catalyst. You carry with you a wealth of experiences. Let me be the bridge to translate those experiences into learnings for all of us.

School transformation – the sheer weight of this concept can burden those who embark on it in isolation. Alone, I can’t. Together, we can.

With hope,

A School Transformation Lead

Contributed by Nishaat Ahmed, STL, Team Mantra4Change

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