Introducing Community Youth Resource Centre

After witnessing how vital a role the community plays in improving our Government Schools, Team MANTRA’s excitement knew no bounds as we opened doors to a brand new Youth Resource – Community Centre in Hennagara. The Centre aims to serve the youth and the community for their growth and to engage students across the educational cluster. 


During our interaction with the community at Hennagara, we discovered unemployment as well as school and college drop-outs to be issues that plague the future generation of the cluster. This Centre was designed to keep not only school-going children but the youth and other members of the community engaged.

On the 11th of July, 2019, as the clock struck 4:30 PM, it was time to kickstart the first day at the Youth Resource Centre. Children from the nearby Government Higher Primary School, Hennagara indulged in the art of making a paper flower vase.

The activities at the Youth Resource Centre also help develop interpersonal skills in the students. By making paper-vases, children would be able to develop an understanding to use the best of waste and also get a chance to showcase their ideas and knowledge. The task of dividing them into groups and conducting the activity would help the children build quality of leadership and teamwork. They could also learn techniques of eye and hand coordination.

The next session at the YRC was conducted by Mr. Girish, a painter in the community. He shared his knowledge and experience by introducing primary colour techniques of painting. The session was an entirely fun-filled learning experience for the students. 

This activity helped the students hone their hidden painting skills and also the know-how of creating new colours by mixing two.

Ms. Ashwini, alumni of the Government Higher Primary School, came forward to hold a session for the students at the YRC, where she engaged them in making fluffy teddy bears. The session was a blend of learning and unlearning as the children were curiously involved in what’s next for them and ended up creating the most beautiful teddy bears.


The aim of the Youth Resource Centre is to involve the community in engaging the students and take a huge leap in building strong and effective school-community linkages. The hope for the future is to see such Resource Centres solving the issue of unemployment among the youth and a space to develop and share strong interpersonal skills. 

Contributed by Team PACE, Mantra4Change

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