Teachers take Center-Stage: Samuha Sambhrama 2019-20

The first Samuha Sambhrama of the new academic year 2019-20, kickstarted with the promise of moving forward in the pursuit of improving the quality of education for all children. For the first time, it was our teachers, head-teachers (HMs), and cluster resource persons (CRPs) who co-created and facilitated their plans for the improvement of their educational clusters. 

Since 2018, Samuha Sambhrama has been serving as a platform for teachers to share their learnings, experiences, and opinions for improvement with each other and other stakeholders of their schools. 


In 2018, Mantra conducted the first series of Samuha Sambhrama across its four clusters – Dommasandra, Chandapura, Hennagara, and Anekal Town. As these clusters entered the second year of intervention with Mantra, this year, the celebration was driven by the school fraternity with teachers presenting on topics related to cluster development such as effective sharing of resources, CRC utilization, community involvement, increasing student-learning outcomes, and more.

Mr. Shivakumar, a teacher at the Government Higher Primary School, Heelalige, presented on ‘cluster resource sharing’ using a flip chart, which was truly inspiring.  It was overwhelming to see teachers taking ownership of their learning; in fact, planning most of the cluster development plans. 

Introduction to ShikshaLokam

This year’s Samuha Sambhrama witnessed the introduction of Mantra’s partner – ShikshaLokam, a societal platform focused on the improvement of Education Leadership. Our stakeholders were prompt to indulge in exploring the platform, learning of its resources and also providing suggestions on possible changes to the app. 

TLM Mela

‘Teaching-Learning Material (TLM) Mela’ was another exciting part of the Samuha Sambhrama, where schools were asked to exhibit their Nali Kali TLMs for fellow teachers. The energy of teachers, interest, and happiness after receiving appreciation from others, lit up the event across our clusters!

This led to our teachers discussing more innovative strategies to engage their students well. From introducing abacus classes for children, subject related training sessions, digital awareness classes, provision for using CRC as a library for all resources, and more – with the hope to continue the practice of sharing and learning from each other, Samuha Sambhrama across our four educational clusters came to a hopeful end.

Contributed by Team PACE, Mantra4Change




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