Circle Time at Chaitanya Littles

Thursday visits to Chaitanya Littles always manages to reaffirm my faith in my role as a School Transformation Lead (STL). From the beginning of the day, discussing the agenda with Ms. Lakshmi (HeadMistress) to planning out the whole day with her and Ms. Vineela (Primary School Incharge), to ending the day with updates and a brief discussion with Mr. Girish (Correspondent), the day is filled with tremendous learning and I leave  feeling productive and satisfied. 

Faculty of Chaitanya Littles School, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

The first time I discussed the idea of learning circle (LC) with Ms. Lakshmi, she merely asked a few questions to clarify doubts regarding what will happen and how it will help the teachers but shared no more. However, on July 4th, when we sat to discuss the LC session plan, she spoke about ‘Circle Time’ which was an existing structure at Chaitanya. Once, every week, the teachers at Chaitanya (Lower and Upper Primary) sit down together with Ms. Lakshmi and Ms. Vineela to engage in the 3S structure, where they share a story each of Success, Struggle and Support


I was amazed to hear of this existing structure in the school and decided to incorporate it into our LC as well, but first, I wanted to experience Chaitanya’s Circle Time. 

Circle Time started with Ms. Lakshmi talking to the teachers about how together we can build the space to be one where everyone can learn, support, challenge, and inspire each other. It was followed by every teacher sharing their struggles, successes, and most importantly reaching out for help.  When teachers found it challenging to share a success, Ms. Lakshmi encouraged the teachers to share something that made them happy, reminding them to pay attention to even small achievements and value those. As each teacher shared, Ms. Lakshmi also took time to appreciate them and provide solutions to some of their challenges. 


Being a part of Chaitanya Littles’ Circle Time was an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to understand the school structures and adapt to it. During my discussions with Mr. Girish Sir, an important topic that came up was how he wanted to improve the teacher and student morale in the school. Circle Time was evidence of his belief that teacher morale is an essential constituent in the development of the school. 

Written by Meekhal Sanjayan, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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