Fun with Science: A Day with Wells Fargo Volunteers

On the 25th of June 2019, a group of 30 volunteers from Wells Fargo visited Government Higher Primary School, Kodathi in the Doddakannehalli education cluster of the K R Puram education block. The purpose of the visit was to engage with students and build curiosity in kids towards science by making small working models.  

The Wells Fargo volunteers were welcomed and briefed about the Project for Active Cluster Engagement at Mantra as well as the activity for the day. Shekhar, who runs the Makerspace initiative at Mantra then facilitated a very engaging demo on how science can be made fun for students in a simple manner. He also posed challenges and questions to the volunteers who enjoyed the session. Following this, each volunteer was mapped to two students. A kit was handed over to them, and each team set out to make working models of a street light. 

The entire engagement was supported by the school’s Head Teacher and the Science teacher Mr. Mallikarjun. He actively took part and helped the teams with the model making process and even expressed his interest in conducting many more such sessions for teachers and his desire to learn more such activities. 

In the process, the students also learned about electrical connections, the purpose of a switch in a circuit, terminals of a battery, and so on. They got hands-on exposure to all these concepts that they were learning from their Science textbooks. 

Post the activity, students of 6th and 7th grades were given a science kit to take home in the hopes to provide them a means to explore and come up with innovative ideas on their own. 

Contributed by Joel, Academic Lead, Mantra4Change

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