A New Chapter: Khera

As soon as I reached the Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya in Khera, Bihar, my eyes started searching for the girls who were admitted to the school from Jamui. I promised them that I will come to Khera and meet them. But after looking around when I couldn’t find them, I asked one of the teachers about their whereabouts. The teacher told me that they are in the new building for 9th-12th standard and I sighed with relief.

We were visiting KGBV Khera to start our in-school intervention there just like KGBV, Jamui. We had to take the permission of warden for this and also meet the girls who came from Jamui to this school.

To start with, Meenakshi didi explained the work of i-Saksham to the teachers over there. As the warden was not available, she talked to her over the phone. Within a minute, the warden agreed for us to come to this school and start our intervention. She knew about our work in Jamui and was quite impressed by it. It was a very proud moment for us to know that people outside Jamui are aware of our work.

Now came the time to meet the students. Meenakshi didi introduced us to the students and told them that from now on, we will be coming to teach them. We had a conversation with these students where we got to know them as well. As a part of an ice-breaker, we conducted few activities with them and the students thoroughly enjoyed them. They were listening carefully when we were interacting with them. They were a mix of girls who could speak in Santhal and Hindi. It was a huge relief for me as I didn’t know how to converse in Santhal. After a while, we learned that students could speak well in Hindi because till now there was only a Hindi Teacher in the school.

The girls were very excited to learn that from now on we will meet them twice a week and teach them different subjects. As it was the first day, we didn’t talk much about the dirty floors or the visible lack of infrastructure. We only asked about the availability of dustbins, to which one of the teachers replied that as the lid of dustbin is broken, the garbage spills out.

After this, we went to the new building for the 9th-12th standards. As soon as we stepped inside it, the girls from Jamui came running towards us. The excitement to meet each other was prevalent on both sides. We had a word with the teacher there as well and that was the end of our day at KGBV, Khera.

It was a wonderful day for us as we met around 200 girls and the staff there was very receptive of our work.

Written by Mamta Kumari, i-Saksham Fellow (Saksham Mitra)

i-Saksham builds local youth as community tutors cum entrepreneurs called ‘Saksham-Mitras’. It trains and provides them with capabilities and resources to empower the community through education and awareness while earning a livelihood for themselves. i-Saksham identifies motivated youth, trains them in details of pedagogy, digital tools, and English and guides them to deliver quality learning. The organization has been a part of EduMentum’s Cohort Alpha since 2017.



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