New Initiatives, New Approaches: ShikshaKalp Updates

Moving ahead in their mission to create quality digital content and championing the cause for improving education, our fellows are up to some innovative and inspiring work. From spearheading pilots to strengthening partnerships through content, the month of January saw the Alpha Cohort exploring new approaches to shaping the way India learns!

Tanisha Kedia and Aishwarya Rastogi (Fellows at ShikshaLokam) presented a paper on School Leadership Matters in a conference organized by the Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore (IIMB) – Future of Learning. The paper highlighted the importance of School Leadership and how ShikshaLokam as an educational platform is enabling them.

STEPing into new areas, the fellows also assisted with conducting Need Assessment – a crucial part of our MANTRA’s School Transformation and Empowerment Project (STEP).

After running the A Quiz A Week (AQAW) program for 3 weeks, the fellows at EkStep have collected some valuable insights from their pilot in schools. Next is rethinking and redesigning the program to suit the various needs of teachers.

In other news, they’re working on a new initiative to help teachers and students of class 10 to prepare better for their exams. An external test preparation, intended for the benefit of class 10 students is being prepared in a multiple choice question (MCQ) format.  The Creator App that can be potentially used as a tool for creating content that is not too long and large in size – is in its pilot stage.

Back at ShikshaLokam, the fellows have been able to publish 23 Reusable Learning Objectives (RLOs) in just three months!. Midlaj is working on Mid-Day Meal content for Samarthya, Tanisha is investing her efforts and time on the STEP Toolkit for MANTRA and Aishwarya is working on the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) course of Kaivalya Education Foundation.

Check out Tanisha Kedia’s content – School Leadership Forum – on the ShikshaLokam platform. Stay tuned for more updates from our ShikshaKalp Fellows!



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