EXCELing towards Quality Education!

School Leaders can create ripples of change and ensure that every child in school receives quality education. All they need is the support to create systemic change and sustain the improvement of their schools.

Apply to join EXCEL as a School Innovator! 

While working with under-resourced schools in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh for over a year, we realized the need to empower motivated and driven school leaders with the knowledge to steer transformation. This gave rise to the idea of EXCEL – Excellence in Education Leadership.

The project, in partnership with Grey Matters Capital, National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) and the Andhra Pradesh Under-resourced Schools Management Association (APUSMA) aims to enable school leaders to drive the transformation of their schools.

We’re looking for School Innovators!

If you’re longing to learn in-depth about the education sector while driving social change on the ground, be a part of EXCEL!

EXCEL offers you the chance to make a difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges – educational inequity. Each School Innovator (SI) will spearhead transformation in 3 schools. By empowering school leaders to build the capacities of teachers and ensure the involvement of the community in a child’s education, the SI will shape the process of transformation on the ground. Apply Today!

By Team EXCEL, Mantra4Change

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