The undying love for TLMs!

“I teach English to the primary section of our school. Using interactive material in class is the highlight of my work because it makes the entire room a happy place!” said Ms. S Sailaja, a teacher of Vishwashanti English Medium School. For the few months that Mantra4Change has worked with the school in the Tenali village of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Ms. Sailaja’s love and passion for creating low cost, no cost Teaching Learning Material (TLMs) have become more apparent!

Sailaja Ma'am

You can find Ms. Sailaja preserving invitation cards, used up sketch pens, little wooden blocks which she would use to make creative and interactive TLMs. During one of our Learning Circles where we worked with teachers to create and enjoy using various TLMs, Ms. Sailaja discussed with all teachers on tips to make classroom experiences better for their students.

“The TLMs have worked wonders in my classroom. I could see the effect of these on my students’ almost immediately. Over this, TLMs have a very positive effect on the teacher as well as the learner. As long as the teacher is happy, why won’t her students share the vibe and engage in what they learn?” said Ms. Sailaja.

Sailaja Ma'am 2

Ever smiling and ready to take on a new challenge, Ms. Sailaja never shies away from experimenting with different things in the classroom. “The key is to think of the children you teach in school as your own. The change in approach happens then, as we take responsibility for shaping their minds and broadening the horizon of their thoughts,” she added.

Sailaja Ma'am 1

“I come to school every day to teach and I put a lot of energy into explaining a concept in class. So why not create something which won’t just increase classroom engagement but also help students understand the concept in-depth?” – Ms. Sailaja.

The experiences of a child in day-to-day life leave an imprint on his memory. Teaching through TLMs help the teacher and the child. Steering this change in her school, Ms. Sailaja is making the classroom a beautiful place!

Written by Saurabh Singh, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

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