Lesson Study – A Story of Commitment

It’s always better to share the course of your journey than work your way through it in a silo. Two teachers of Swami Vivekananda Rural Education Society (SVRES) are living up to this and reforming their teaching methods.

Following a pique in their interest over a concept – Lesson Study, which has been widely accepted in the education spaces of countries like Japan and the United States of America – Ms. Bhavani and Ms. Sangita, both Social Science teachers of the High School committed to taking this forward and getting more teachers on board.


This was soon after the concept was briefly described in school by us, during one of the Learning Circles where teaching methodologies were being discussed. Both the teachers made a single lesson plan which they thought would work best to develop the attainment levels of their students.

Once the plan was made, Ms. Sangita implemented it and Ms. Bhavani observed the same class, taking notes and highlighting the areas of improvement. Another discussion between the two teachers saw them sharing their perspectives and notes while working on corrective measures to take forward in another class.

Following the process of ideation, creating a protocol and observing it for improvement and finally coming up with the final design of the 40-minute class, both the teachers repeated the process of taking the class and observing it for the next 2 days. “After an effective learning process by following the system of this concept, we thought it would be great to encourage our fellow teachers to use this as well. When done together, work becomes fun and the quality of teaching improves even more,” said Ms. Bhavani.


From dabbling in a new found concept to conducting an entire Learning Circle around this idea of sharing one’s work with another – this is how our teachers are transforming teaching in their little but impactful ways.

By Vaishnavi Mohan, School Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change


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