ShikshaKalp Updates | December 2018

Buzzing with activities all through the month, our fellows at ShikshaKalp are at an all-time high! Running parallel programs and initiatives, the month of December has been both eventful and successful for our Super 6.

The fellows at EkStep Foundation co-piloted A Quiz a Week program in Bengaluru which caught the eye of the Tamil Nadu Government. The program is currently running 4 schools of Mantra4Change in Bengaluru saw students from Sujana Convent winning the first week’s quiz.

DCPCR in focus

Aishwarya Rastogi has worked closely and tirelessly with the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) team to drive the project across 5000+ schools in Delhi. Read more about the project here.

Resources and Personas

At ShikshaLokam, the fellows are gaining momentum with their content creation skills and have managed to get 8 RLOs published in the last month. They have also started experimenting and working toward improving the quality of RLOs by engaging in various platform capabilities. The first RLO with voiceover – School Leadership Forum – was published last month.

The fellows were back on the field this month and spent time mapping personas of School Leaders of Government Schools in Dommasandra and Goripalya. Their insights were helpful in the consolidation and mapping of journey and personas of School leaders, an important aspect of driving the ShikshaLokam platform to end-users.

Competitions on a roll…

The fellows have been managing the ‘EkStep Mission Call’ where volunteers give their time and energy towards making some content accessible on the DIKSHA platform. This work will connect learners to quality content on the app, and thus leads to more learning experiences. The fellows worked to prepare all documentation, and also reached out and found volunteers to accomplish this mission.

The fellows conducted a contest, ‘Chalo Banao!’ at MANTRA to encourage content creation and gain insights on how to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Shreya Shreeraman, Research Associate, Mantra4Change emerged as the winner amongst all the participants in this contest, with her amazing video on ‘How to correctly use Apostrophes’.


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