Accelerating Cluster Empowerment – The first CRP Meeting

On December 20, 2018, a cluster level CRP meeting brought together three Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) from the Anekal Education Block to ideate for improvement and planning the road ahead for cluster empowerment.

Mantra4Change has been working in 4 clusters of the Anekal Educational Block since 2017. We began with the Dommasandra Cluster which is home to 14 lower and upper primary government-run schools.


Then came along three more clusters – Hennagara, Chandhapura, and Anekal Town which took our work to over 65 schools in the block. Through PACE (Program for Active Cluster Empowerment), the aim is to create system and teacher leaders to drive transformation and empower the cluster as a whole to be able to deliver quality education to every child. This CRP meeting was the first of its kind since the launch of the project.

CRPs take center stage

We began working with this approach after sensing the lack of communication between government schools in a cluster, or even between teachers and their coordinators – the CRPs. The need to bring stakeholders together on one platform, to share resources and practices, build a culture of collaboration and increase community engagement, gave birth to the idea.


A teacher in North Karnataka for over 16 years, Mr. Shankar Bidari, CRP of the Hennagara Cluster pointed out how structures in his cluster were already present when he assumed his new post in 2018.

“School monitoring and development committees, the Gram Panchayat’s involvement in school activities and student elections were already set in motion which made it seamless for me to see through that they continue as planned,” he said.

From setting up Nali Kali labs in schools to organizing Enrolment Drive to help schools struggling with student strength and conducting the Makkala Gram Sabha to make children aware of their rights and voice out their opinions – the cluster approach works with every stakeholder in order to revive and renew existing structures intended for school improvement.


“The creation of a CRC in our cluster, though a challenging process, has brought about ripples of changes,” said Mr. Mahadevayya, the CRP of Anekal Block.

“Identifying modules and conducting subject-wise teacher-training would immensely help in building better practices in the classrooms,” he said.

Mr. Srinath, CRP of the Chandhapura Cluster added, “The technical support that the team on the ground has extended, even if it was a Sunday is highly appreciable.”

For creating an empowered cluster-level leadership, Mr. Srinath, CRP of the Chandhapura cluster pointed out, “It’s imperative for teachers and the CRP to be at schools regularly and for better co-operation between teachers and the CRP. The suggestion to conduct a meeting such as this in every CRC was considered too.

Sharing needs, ideas, and synergies for a single cause – delivering quality education to every child – this highlighted the CRP Meeting which we would continue to look forward to!

Written by Team, Program for Accelerated Cluster Empowerment (PACE), Mantra4Change


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