Eureka! A vision for my DREAM SCHOOL

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if my school had no classrooms and just open spaces where all the big lessons were taught?”

“I wish my school had a system wherein students were encouraged to come regularly through incentives, where learning would be fun, and where teachers look forward to engaging with students to make classes interactive!”

These were just a few dream scenes that bounced around from teachers across our partner schools. When such dreams are translated into actionable ideas, it results in a “Eureka!” moment. To enable teachers to come up with such amazing ideas we rolled out a competition for them.

Through this platform, teachers of each school would work in groups to come up with the idea of the Dream School. The motive from our end at Mantra4Change was to make teachers capable enough to take up a project on their own and present it to an audience.


At TCheers! 2018, teachers of 9 of our partner schools shared their vision for their dream schools. While some of them looked at transforming schools as a whole, some detailed smaller areas of improvement which could scale to a larger level.

For Eureka, teachers would have aligned themselves to the problem, the approach to solving the problem and the solution itself. Preparations for this would take place months before the final presentation. Once their solutions are implemented, teachers would also have to highlight the growth in terms of the effectiveness of their solutions.

A team of teachers from Sujana Convent presenting their idea of a Dream School

The winners of Eureka this year were teachers of Florida English School and ILMA International school. The former, a school in Goripalya, aimed to improve communication in English among students of the school – from greeting each other to reading and speaking in the language effectively and strongly.

The teachers identified that there was a general fear of the language which would often hinder the learning process itself. This would lead to students messing up their grammar as well as forgetting words while writing.

To solve this, teachers made a detailed action plan with activities like ‘Match the following’ and more. They also presented – ‘10 Tips to Improve Your Grammar’ – detailing the dos and don’ts of using the English Vocabulary.


That’s the spirit of Eureka. For teachers, it becomes very easy to get caught up in the everyday cycle of endless duties and work. It becomes rather hard for them to step back and look at possible innovations with resources available with them to enable quality education for every child. It’s such small ideas that lead to a larger transformation within a school. We’re very proud of our teachers for continuing to innovate for the benefit of their students.



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