Learning the art of platform thinking – ShikshaKalp Fellowship

Three months into the fellowship, our 6 young changemakers are well on the course to shaping the way India learns! ShikshaKalp fellows, now assigned to two partner organizations – ShikshaLokam and EkStep have in no time proven their might in taking forward the belief and idea behind the fellowship.

The fellows at ShikshaLokam – Aishwarya Rastogi, Midlaj CH, and Tanisha Kedia are steadily becoming active members of this growing organization. They have not only been taking the lead in conducting all-hands meetings but have merged into the culture of the organization as well.

A societal platform, ShikshaLokam publishes learning resources for educational stakeholders in the form of Reusable Learning Objectives (RLOs). Our three fellows have, in just a matter of two months published 8 RLOs such as – Teachers as leaders, RTE in Karnataka, Facilitation Skills, Recognizing Teacher-Leaders, Developing Teacher-Leaders, and Distributed Leadership.

At EkStep Foundation, our fellows – Shri Krishnan Ram, Athira Manoj, and Shagun Narula have been evangelizing the organization’s values through their quality work. They are currently designing a package which includes reference content and guidelines.

EkStep is a larger organization with its technological initiative – Diksha being leveraged across numerous schools to aid teaching and learning. The fellows at EkStep are taking initiative and holding themselves accountable against rigorous timelines as well. Of course, their hard work garners immense recognition which reflects in their review meetings as well.

For any technological intervention to attain success, it’s highly crucial to be present on the field regularly, understanding the nitty-gritty of the issues we aim to tackle.

Our fellows, in the interest of collecting and mapping personas of stakeholders, have been visiting various schools as well. Since their induction to the fellowship, they’ve visited The Samhita Academy, and various government schools in the Chandapura (Anekal educational block) and Goripalya clusters.

So far, the three fellows at EkStep have engaged in 4 field visits, testing their content and receiving constructive feedback directly from the stakeholders (who are users of the content).

While developing team spirit and working in synergy with each other is core to the fellowship, our fellows have been shining in their individual spaces too.

Shagun received much appreciation for creating an informative video on Adverbs in just about 45 minutes. This was then presented to Mr. Shankar Maruwada, Co-founder, CEO, EkStep Foundation and Mr. Jagdish Babu, COO, EkStep Foundation. This video would aide in teacher assistance across schools in New Delhi.

Aishwarya has been actively leading various stages of a partnership with the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR).

Tanisha, with her love for learning and questioning, attended a workshop on Instructional Design and also conducted a session on the same with the team back at the office.

Midlaj’s love for connecting with people inspired him to take time out during his vacation to map personas of school leaders in his hometown! To see this level of engagement among the fellows is simply impressive.

Every Saturday, the 6 fellows come together to reflect on the week that was and learn continuously from each other’s experiences. Together, as Alpha Cohort they also volunteered on Teachers’ Day at one of our partner schools – Sujana Convent.

That’s it for this month. ShikshaKalp updates will be back in November with more stories from our Super 6! 

By Vasundhara Srivastava, Program Director, ShikshaKalp Fellowship


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