Tale of a microphone…

What is the recipe for an effective assembly? – Students, teachers and a space to accommodate all of them. The Government Higher Primary School, Chatrakani, Chandhapura had all these elements in place; yet morning assemblies here were not successful.

Wondering why? Well, constant noise from the streets nearby would drown the voices of teachers who stood before students, delivering speeches or instructions in what’s supposed to be an important part of the day at school. The absence of a microphone added to their woes here.  

Most government-run schools seek a computer laboratory or a library. At this school, the need was unique – a microphone. We can credit one teacher for introducing this device here.

It’s true what they say – Change starts with an individual. Ms. Vasantha KV, a teacher in the school decided to do something to improve the quality of the morning assembly here. She bought a microphone and donated it to the school.

“Having a mic in school is a necessity, not a luxury. Not just the morning assembly, we often found it difficult to conduct classes in an effective manner as well because of the high noise levels in the vicinity,” Ms. Vasantha said.

Transforming the assembly

The act has become a guiding example of how one small step can have an incredible impact. In no time, the assembly became the highlight of the day!

“For the first time, the entire school was able to hear every word I uttered. I was nervous at first but not anymore. Ms. Vasantha explained how to use the microphone and talk into it. I’m always excited to be on stage now!,” said Puja A, a student here.


From encouraging students to use the mic to read out pieces of news, poems, etc. to teachers and the school leader addressing the assembly equally – this was the effect that a little collar mic had on an entire school.

“I also found that students talking on the mic showed improved confidence levels. They were able to speak with assertiveness while the entire school immersed in what was being said on stage,” said Ms. Vasantha.

“Students soon started taking the initiative to address the assembly so that they could go home and tell their parents that they had spoken to the entire school over the microphone, with pride,” she added.

A helping hand for every teacher

Today, teachers in the school are using the mic for various purposes. Conducting classes in the open have become a popular practice since the traffic no more hinders teaching. Ms. Vasantha has been using the mic to broadcast Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat in the school as well.


One microphone made a huge difference to how an entire government school functions or engages its students effectively.

Addressing smaller issues for a bigger impact

Ms. Vasantha also has a message for other government-run schools – “There are many schools that have various facilities but lack simple devices like a microphone or a projector screen. Yet, they seek support from their sponsor organizations for existing facilities like computers. It would be great if schools addressed small issues too because they also make a huge difference.”

Teachers like Ms. Vasantha show us how important it is to pay attention to very minute detail that could improve the experience of every student in the school.

While we look at the larger scheme of things, we often oversee the little yet integral issues that make a difference to the functioning of a school. It’s fascinating how a microphone adds value to the quality of education at GHPS, Chatrakani. Ms. Vasantha is an example of how teachers take an extra step towards making education an enriching experience for their students.

– By Basavaraj Divatagi, Cluster Transformation Lead, Mantra4Change

About Cluster Transformation Project

Launched in 2017, CTP translates Mantra’s idea of ‘Cluster as a distributed school’. Mantra intends to build replicable processes around school leadership, school culture, pedagogy, holistic development of a child, community upliftment etc. through innovative and sustainable interventions. CTP works with government-run schools and nurtures partnerships and symbiotic relationships with the school and the community.


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