“Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on.”

Visual Aids do wonders for children who struggle with whole class instructions. There is no one way to address it.

However, in spaces like Maker’s Lab, teachers get a chance to come together, create, innovate and transform learning for their children. When we organized this Maker’s Lab in Shama School, Ahmedabad, 20 teachers participated in the event.

We conducted this as part of Teachers Day! The outcome of this – teachers made some amazing Teaching-Learning Aids and resources in order to increase learning and participation in the classroom!


Maya Angelou rightly mentions, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Teaching is synonymous with creativity. Teachers bring in creation in teaching methods, in their expressions, classroom designs and in dealing with different learning needs of the children. Teachers cater to these requirements like warriors.

Their armor is the training that they receive for improving their teaching methodology. Their sword and shield are the teaching-learning materials; the resources and the props that they use to improve the understanding and participation of their children. This teachers day, at Shama School we attempted to arm these warriors with swords and shields.


We decided to bring back the excitement, the purpose and the need for making and using a concrete method of teaching. Our teachers have a packed timetable, where time and resources become a limiting factor for them. When we introduced to them the concept of Maker’s Lab; the teachers had confused expressions and didn’t know what they would be able to make. Some doubted their handwriting skills while others weren’t sure if they would be able to draw on chart papers.

They moved around exploring resources we had made for different subjects. They took time to research on the internet. Some of them brought out their books and some had their learning outcome sheets in hand. They discussed with each other, sat in groups, decided to take up the challenge and overcome their fear for the sake of the growth of their students.


“If everyone is moving together then success takes care of itself.”

After 3 long hours of rigorous research and bringing out their creativity, we reached the presentation stage. Teachers had to present their creation and demonstrate the use of it in their classrooms. Once they overcame the initial nervousness of going and presenting; the room was an audience to some brilliant ideas that came alive in the form of charts, concrete materials, ganit mala, and other such activities for Math, Science, English,
Gujarati, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Urdu and Social Science.

Gulpari Baji, who teaches English in Grade 2, pulled me aside and said; “Initially, we thought, more work on teacher’s day! But, by the end of it, I feel so energetic and pumped up for my class next week.”

When we left the room, we had so many more ideas for our subjects, for our children and the hope that ‘One day we will be able to create an Inclusive environment for every Child.’

Written by Sushmita Singh, Programme Lead, Samait Shala

About Samait Shala

Samait Shala is a part of Mantra4Change’s incubator – EduMentum. The organization works on a systemic Intervention programme in affordable private and government schools. It aims to collaborate and support schools to address learning gaps of students.

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