A data-loaded Sunday

As action-packed as the month of September was for us, our teachers were, on one hand, being celebrated; and on the other, were neck deep in data entry! The Karnataka government, earlier this month launched the integrated State Scholarship Portal (SSP) which came as a welcome change to ensure students receive their scholarships on time and in their own accounts.

However, teachers were faced with a challenging task. For students in government-run schools, head teachers were asked to fill a rather complicated software, one that they had no knowledge about. As deadlines drew closer, the stress of the pending task increased.

The Cluster Resource Person (CRP) of the Chandapura Cluster, Ms. Krishnamma approached us with a request – to help head teachers of the 10 schools in her cluster along the lines of basic computer training and filling up the application for student scholarship on the Student Assessment Tracking System (SATS).


The training

Yes, we had to forego a Sunday. But I’m positive that it was all worth it! Not one Head Teacher remained absent from the training; in fact, we were joined by teachers from private schools in Chandapura as well. The enthusiasm they all showed to come on a Sunday to become more technologically enabled peaked our spirits.

Some of the teachers proactively reached out to us with the problems that they had faced while uploading the applications online.


Ms. Nagaratna, Headteacher at the Ramasagar Government Higher Primary School said, “This is the first time I’m learning about the entire process of filling in applications online. Had it not been for the training, we wouldn’t be able to attempt this task.”


The highlight

Chandapura became the first cluster in the Anekal Educational Block to complete the entire application process!

We had a surprise visit from the Block Education Officer (Anekal) Mr. K C Ramesh who was extremely happy to see the cooperation and coordination among the headteachers. He was quick to suggest that we don’t restrict this training just to a few schools but conduct a training on demand basis.

Ms. Krishnamma, the Cluster Resource Person (CRP) added, “It was magical to see every teacher in the cluster attend the training and complete the task at hand. The help of Team MANTRA went a long way in enabling our teachers to do something they thought was almost impossible.”

By Basavaraj Divatagi, Team Cluster Transformation Project, Mantra4Change


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