For the love of teachers!

In our efforts to bring teachers of a cluster together, the role of an active Cluster Resource Person (CRP) is very crucial. Ms. Bharathi, the CRP of our Dommasandra Cluster proved this through her initiative in hosting a Teachers Day celebration in September.

When informed, teachers were more than happy to be a part of the event, waiting eagerly to know what was in store for them. The week’s exhaustion culminated in a jamboree where over 40 teachers forgot the stresses of their work and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


From gathering the teachers to ideating over activities for them and getting a cake – the CRP took charge of it all. We took the opportunity to introduce fun outdoor games for them as well, which provided them with a vent as they cheered along sportingly.

We felt that the occasion could be a perfect blend of fun and learning. To meet this objective, we grouped teachers in teams of four, provided them with various materials – beads, charts, sticks, etc. and asked them to come up with some innovative and humorous models. They surprised us and how!


A trophy, a clown, collages and more! Teachers really did bring out the children in them. Each group was then given a TLM (Teaching Learning Material) kit with the belief that they would use these to come up with innovative techniques to make their classrooms more engaging spaces.


We love celebrating our teachers at MANTRA, and the success of this event brought us much closer to them.

By Vijayashree PS, Team Cluster Transformation Project, Mantra4Change  



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