The Accountable Parents

The involvement of parents in their children’s education is one of the strongest links in ensuring quality education. This is of more importance in the government school structure for which, the Education Department introduced the concept of the School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC). This committee exists in every school and comprises of parents and school leaders.


Working with every stakeholder within the system, we needed an idea to get this system in the Dommasandra cluster activated. For this, we aimed to organize a cluster level SDMC meeting in September to appraise them about the roles and responsibilities they need to carry out to ensure a well-running school and conducive educational environment for their children.


On September 2, 2018, 11 out 14 SDMC members in the cluster turned up for the meeting. We believe that personal invitations handed out to them directly by the team enabled a rapport built with them. The meeting became a gateway to getting know members of the committee and plan a roadmap to involve them actively in school development.

Many of them also raised issues regarding the lack of infrastructure in their schools or the quality of mid-day meals – which became conversation starters to also come up with solutions.


The highlight of this meeting was the feedback we received from the SDMC who felt that a platform was finally created for them to voice out their concerns. It also allowed us to envision forthcoming meetings and prepare details agendas for them.

By Team Dommasandra, Cluster Transformation Project, Mantra4Change


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