Fun Fridays at KARE School

Ever seen a child eagerly waiting for Fridays in school? Well, this happens in KARE school Hyderabad where students wait for Fridays instead of Saturdays or Sundays. Every Friday in the school is a “Fun Friday”.  If you happen to walk into the school on this day, you will see students of different ages working together and creating beautiful experiences for each other.

This idea has led students to think out of the box and learn a lot more than the conventional academic subjects.

This beautiful initiative is the result of Srikanth’s work in KARE school Hyderabad. After graduating from his TFI fellowship he has decided to continue his work in the education space. He firmly believes that if schools are made fun zones for our students then we can see marked improvements in their learning abilities.

His desire to work in the education space drove him to work as an ASL. Now he has started his new journey with his new students in KARE School Hyderabad.  He feels that the issues in the school are similar to what he had worked with earlier, students are not motivated to come to school because of no extracurricular activities. This is affecting the kids in more ways than we can imagine. This directly affects the academics as well.

Despite many hurdles, Shreekant is motivated to use the same approach experimented in the previous school to address this problem.

After multiple meetings with the school leader, he decided to make every Friday as a Fun Friday.  He along with the help of fellows of KARE School has kicked off this idea.

It’s been almost 2 months and he is able to map the positive changes in the school with respect to the culture, behavior and leadership. His vision to provide exposure beyond academics has now taken up a shape. He has created 8 clubs in school that aims to build the skills for the overall development of the student. These groups are lead by a teacher based on their interests.

Each of these clubs focuses on different aspects. Students from 3rd to 8th grade are selected for a specific club based on their interests.

Every Friday, the students work together in their club rooms to create, learn and share their experiences. By the end of a cycle, each club showcases whatever they have learned to the teachers, students, and parents.

Below is a small insight into the clubs→

  • Halla Bol brings in Parliamentary Debate to school. This helps in building confidence, public speaking, gaining different perspectives and social awareness regarding various issues around the world.
  • BBC’s Planet Earth Season 2 is an amazing documentary series about our mother nature. This club will expose the kids to a whole different world.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • The Student-Teacher program is an ambitious project started in school to address 2 major things. One was to build student leadership and other was to focus on individual kids through differentiated learning.  The student-teachers are the higher order kids of the TFI classes from grades 6, 7 and 8. They will be assigned a group of kids (5 to 10) from a specific class. Then the student-teachers will teach their group of kids and help improve their Maths and English.


  • The newsletter club is going to publish a complete kid made school magazine. Kids from various classes create, collect and gather various activities from the school like Principal interviews, school updates, artwork, essay’s, comic strips, puzzles made by kids among various other things. This will help build awareness among kids about their school, build comprehension levels and encourages creativity.


  • Anyone who has been to Kare School would know the kind of interest and investment that is shown towards healthy food by our principal, Mr.Ansari. This Healthy Food Project club drives his passion in the school. It organizes healthy food day twice a week where kids are asked to get one kind of healthy food like groundnuts, carrot, etc.


Hope these beautiful initiatives will result to provide exposure beyond academics and create beautiful experiences for students. It is indeed heartening to see the amount of positive change in the students from these activities.

The Fun Friday is an initiative named “Project Potential” of Srikanth, ASL(Assistant School Leader) of Mantra4Change-ALI program in KARE School. 

To find out more about this, visit FB page: Kare School – Project Potential

Mantra4Change and Teach For India have partnered to empower schools in 4 cities across India through the Assistant School Leader / Cluster Transformation Lead Program. Mantra4Change is the knowledge and implementation partner in this program and works to support the change leaders.



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