Kaluvina Kalpavriksha – Where Teachers take the Lead

Bringing all teachers of a cluster together has been at the core of Mantra’s work since its intervention in every educational cluster. Government school teachers miss out on such opportunities where they can brainstorm on solutions to improve the quality of education in their cluster. To achieve this and more, we introduced a concept to them – Kaluvina Kalpavriksha (The Tree of Knowledge).

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Through this teachers’ meeting, held on August 2, we aimed to create a common platform where we were joined by the Cluster Resource Person (CRP), School Head Master, teachers, and members of the School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) to discuss ways of enriching educational experiences of students. The meeting also entailed bringing forth various issues revolving around the development of the educational cluster (Chandapura).

As a first, we introduced the gathering of 6 teachers to the work Mantra4Change has been doing in the cluster, which included our initial interventions in Dommasandra since 2017. One of the main objectives we set through the Dommasandra case is the importance of a standing committee of teachers and the effective utilization of a Cluster Resource Centre (CRC).

Through this committee, they came up with immediate requirements such as computer/teaching training, workshops, and teaching-learning materials (TLMs).

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They also pointed out on the need for some teaching strategies for slow learners in every school. Furthermore, since children of migrant communities from other states of India find it hard learning to communicate in English/Kannada, they felt the urgency in bridging the gap. Extra-curricular activities too were on the agenda – teachers pointed out that events like Prathiba Karanji and Sports can go a long way in showcasing talents of students and building their confidence further.

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Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, teachers wanted to understand how their schools could conduct SDMC and Parent-Teacher Meetings to ensure greater attendance of the stakeholders.

The meeting, with the intention to establish Kaluvina Kalpavriksha as a structure in a cluster, became the epicenter for a growing movement!  It was heartening to see how every teacher present at this meeting shared their ideas and needs for the upliftment of their own cluster and schools.

by Team Chandapura, Cluster Transformation Project, Mantra4Change


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